Spring - Fete du Printemps

Food - Wine - Trivia & Costumes

New 2016-2017 Schedule of Events

Sept. 24                    Wine Tasting                
Oct. 15              Movie & Chocolate Party     
Nov. 12                 Progressive Dinner          
Jan. 7                        Feast of Kings               
Feb. 4                        Crepe Party                   
Mar. 18         Foods & Wines of the World     
April 15                   Fete du Printemps              
                          Boules & Scavenger Hunt
Diners a la Maison        Jan. 19, Feb. 16, April 20
     Chairman,  Bob Kramer

                                          2016 Diners a la Maison are being enjoyed by all!

Introduction to SaddleBrooke Francophiles

You don't have to speak French or wear a beret to belong to the SaddleBrooke Francophiles. A Francophile is simply one who appreciates France and French culture. Beginning with a wine-and-cheese gathering of about 22 interested people in January, 2000, the group now has over 100 SaddleBrooke residents on its roster.

The Francophiles' purpose is to make new friends and enjoy ourselves through sharing information, ideas, and experiences (not to mention food and wine!) related to France. A planning committee meets the first Tuesday of every month to plan activities, e.g., a Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Tasting/Judging Celebration, "Le Chandeleur " Crepe Party, a Mardi Gras Party, an "April in Paris" celebration, Boules Matches and Picnics, Dinners a la Maison, viewing French films in homes and theatres, field trips to AZ wine country.

Dues are $20 per person, $40 per couple per calendar year. For information, contact Francophile chair, Pat Smith at 825-2409 or send a message to Pat Dawydowych (sbfrancophiles@gmail.com).